Paint Chip Art

Create One of a Kind Art in any Colour!

An original and thrifty way to create a one of a kind and eye catching art can be made with Pain Chip sample. The kind you find at the local hardware or Paint stores.

To create a piece as shown here all you will require is a piece of MDF or pinewood and sticky tape.

Single colour samples cards work best for this effect.

Simply cut the cards into mermaid scale shapes. This maybe best achieved by using the base of a glass to achieve the same shape every time.

Double side tape onto the top of each card and working your way from the bottom upwards place the cards in a horizontal line along the bottom of the wood panel. We recommend you leave a 2cm overhang of the bottom end of the wood panel for the best effect.

You can either place the paint chip cards in a random style or create an ombre effect with the colours starting darkest at the top fading to a pail version of the colours within your chosen palette of white.

You may find overtime the cards may lift slightly however this will just add to the mermaid scale style effect.

Christmas Decorations to Home Decor

Deer are a popular and current trend in Home Decorating- in particular Antlers and Deer figurines.

For a thrifty way to decorate using this theme to take inspiration from Christmas Decor!

You can pick up figurines just like these from discount and variety stores for under $5.00. And now is the perfect time as Christmas ornaments go on sale.

A deer figurine will make a great addition to any home office, shelf or bed side table.

Pantone Colour of the Year 2014: Radiant Orchid


Turn Your Holiday Memories into Art

What do you do with your holiday memories?
A great way to keep and display your memories is to create a Holiday Shadow Box. 

Using Tickets,  Maps Postcards, Photos, Coins, Coasters you can make your holiday memories last while creating an artwork.

How To:
If you're going to include items in your Shadow Box other then paper and cardboard it is important that you use the right type of frame. iovich recommends IKEA Ribba Frames as they feature a deeper frame so you can set back the items without squashing them.
Using the frame itself (or the cardboard inner frame) as a guide, lay out your holiday items.
  • Tickets
  • Maps
  • Postcards
  • Artwork
  • Flags
  • Keys
  • Coins
  • Photos
  • Coasters
  • Souvenirs
  • Shells and Sand
  Layer and move the items around until they are spaced and balanced. Once you are happy with the layout, take a photo of your design to refer back to while you are gluing down each piece.

Cut out a backing board of thick paper or cardboard to a size of the inner sheet included with the frame. Chose a colour that contrasts the tickets etc to make the contents of the frame stand out.

Glue or blu-tac down each item. iovich recommends using a clear craft glue to stop the glue from seeping through the tickets which will cause stain marks.

Use foam lettering to finish your design including the name, date or significant word. Foam letters like these can be bought from craft and hobby stores, discount outlets, scrapbook stores or office supplies.



Shadow Boxes can be also used for Weddings, Baby, School, Hobbie or Sports memories.


Creation  Inspiration for your Shadow Box at:


Create a Watercolour

The effect is achieved with just three water colour paints, water and a hairdryer.  

  •  Canvas 76 x 61 cm or similar
  • 3 Water Colour Paints
  •  Hairdryer
  • Craft Syringe
  • Fine Paint Brush 
Creation Time: 2 -3 hours

1. Select where on the canvas you want to create the largest 'centre'. This will be the focal point of the artwork. We suggest you do not place the centre either in the middle of the canvas or anywhere along the horizontal or vertical middle of the canvas. See the picture below.

2. Squeeze a small amount of paint on the 'centre' location on the canvas. 

3. Add a small amount of water over the top of the paint. Don't be concerned if the water runs out over the paint.

4. Place the hair dryer over the paint to help spread the paint/water mixture across the canvas. Use a medium heat setting on the dryer. 

5. As the water spreads follow each of the water streams to create tails.

6. Repeat step 2 and 3 using another colour water paint.

7. Continue to add water and spread the mixture across and over the canvas ensuring that you follow the tails right to and over the sides

8. Once you feel you've covered the centre area and created as many tails out of the centre, move on another area of the canvas and repeat steps 2 onwards using a smaller amount of paint.


The effect is best for small to medium sized canvases - we've used a 76cm x 61 cm. The reason for this is that the effect is achieved when you run each water drop to and over the edge of the canvas. On larger canvases the water drops will usually dry from the heat of the hairdryer before you reach the edge. Using a larger canvas will create a fireworks like effect. 

Allow 2 - 3 hours to complete the canvas but you can break this up over several sessions.

Don't use too many colours as you will loose the impact of the effect. Consider the colours that you use as well because the paints will run into each other. 

Take it slowly. Don't aim to complete each area before moving onto the next. As you are painting take time to step back to ensure you are creating the look you want. You want to create a balanced piece so avoid starting a central area right in the middle of the canvas.

To practice your technique, test on a small postcard size canvas. You can usually purchase these for $2.00.

The angle at which you hold the the hairdryer will effect the look of the pain - holding the dryer directly above the paint and water will dry it out quickly it its current position for a darker paint look while angling the dryer at a 45 degree angle to the canvas will push the paint and water along the canvas quickly, leaving a faint paint impression. You need to do a mixture of both to achieve the end result.

You will only have a level of control over the direction the paint travels. You can angle the canvas itself but we don't recommend you do this as the pain will run off too quickly and it may not actually leave a mark.

Drying the paint with minimal water will help to create a deep coloured centre area.

If the paint begins to dry in clumps add a small amount of water and slowly dab the top of the paint clump with a fine paint brush. Repeat this alternately with the dryer to spread the paint.

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

If you are stuck for ideas or just haven’t had time to put your outfit together here are iovich’s Last Minute Costume Ideas….
Check out the iovich Creation Pinterest board for more inspiration.

Regina George – Mean Girls
Good news - You’ll probably have most of what is needed for this outfit in your wardrobe!
As long as you have a white singlet you are can cut up then you are good to go.
The Costume:
  • White Singlet
  • Bra – Purple if you want a character exact match
  • Black or Pink Mini Skirt
  • Heels

Ideally you would also wear a blonde wig if you aren’t blonde yourself but you colour definitely get away without it – just put your hair in pig tails.

All you need to do here is cut two round holes in your white singlet. We suggest you mark the holes out before you cut. Use the above picture for inspiration!

Get in loser we’re going trick or treating!

Statue of Liberty
This costume is great if you’re expecting a cold Halloween night because you can rug up underneath the outfit and definitely get away with wearing shoes instead of sandals if you prefer.

The Statue of Liberty costume can be put together with minimal fuss or if you have a little extra time the day of – more detail but you will need to visit a haberdashery store.

The Costume:

  • 2 meters of Sea Green/Mint Material
  • 2 pieces of Green coloured cardboard
  • Green wrapping paper


  • Red, Yellow and Orange Cellophane
  • A large book

To make the crown use this template to create the crown points. Cut out the template, trace around each crown point twice and cut out with the exception of the crown point marked with an asterisk, cut one of these.

Next measure the circumference of your head and cut a 2 inch wide length of cardboard and staple at the join to make a crown base.

Glue each of the crown points to the inside edge of the crown base, centre the largest asterisk crown point are the front centre of the crown.

Place each crown point in ascending size beside the other with a ¼ inch gap between.

To make the torch, roll and then staple the second piece of cardboard into a cone shape. Crumple each of the three coloured cellophane sheets and place into the top of the torch to make the fire.

To make the dress, take two corners from the longer side of the material and wrap them across your body, joining them on your left shoulder. Stitch together or pin with a brooch.

Cover the book in the green wrapping paper.

Write on the cover of the book:




1920’s Flapper – Gatsby Style

This is a popular costume at the moment, especially for hen’s nights, as it is classic and easy to put together.

This costume works best if you wear a simple pastel or white shift or beaded dress and team it with lots of pearls, diamonds and feathers.

The Costume:

  • Shift or Beaded Dress
  • Heels
  • Strings of Pearls
  • Sequin Stretch Trim – to make a headband
  • Feather Boas or Faux Fur Shrug
  • Large Soft Feather
All that is required here is to stitch together the Sequin Stretch Trim which you can buy from any good haberdashery store. A few basic stitches is all you will need to hold it firmly. Place the headband around your head positioning the join at the back. Place the quill of the feather behind the band on the right side just past the end of your eyebrow. Secure it with a few stitches or a brooch.

Another great addition to this costume would be white gloves!
Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse is a classic that you can put together easily with what you have at home or easily buy the pieces needed in an afternoon and can easily be varied.

The Costume:
  • Red tutu, skirt or tube mini
  • Black mouse ears
  • White singlet if wearing the tutu or tube mini
  • Heels – either black, red, yellow, white or silver
  • Red ribbon
  • White Knee High Socks
  • White Gloves
  • White Felt – if wearing the tutu
  • String of Pearls