Have You Every Really Thought About What is in your Lipstick?
It's been estimated that regular lipstick wearers consume up to 2 kgs of lipstick per year.....
It's hard to believe!
If you are one of those people - have you ever thought about what it is you're consuming?
Studies by the FDA in the US have found traces of lead - a highly toxic metal in over 400 popular lipstick products.
Not to mention many lipsticks contain Parabens which are hormone disruptors - Used by manufacturers to preserve their product.
Then there are the artificial colours and fragrances used to make the lipstick look and smell the way the customer demands.
And of course with all these chemicals, the lipsticks will be tested on animals before it's cleared for 'consumption' by humans.
So........your favourite red lipstick isn't looking so pretty now!
But there are organic products that don't use all these dirty ingredients and are not
(need to be) test on animals.
Zuii's Lipsticks are super hydrating and come in a palette of rich and on trend colours. They're fragrance is  amazing thanks to the Jojoba and Sunflower oil.
iovich colour picks are Coral Red, Plum and Sheer Rose.

And the best part...... These Flora Lipsticks are Certified Organic and only $29.95 via Zuii
or Health Food and Organic Stores.