Fake It til You Make It?

A Louis V handbag, Prada purse, B(l)urberry scarf, genuine 

Return to Tiffany bracelet or imitation Double C's... 

Carrie and Samantha ventured to 'The Valley' for a fake Fendi but in the end Carrie walked away declaring: 'I'd always know!'

Would you carry a fake Fendi?

If you travel to Thailand, Greece or Bali it's easy to get your hands on an imitation on a street corners. You can in Italy too - although you'd risk a hefty fine from the Italian Police if you're caught mid transaction. And when you're in New York City you can find them... if you know where to look... in the right part of China Town (allegedly through fake back shop walls in discount jeweller stores - arh the irony).

And it's even easier on the Internet! 

But is beauty in the eye of the beholder or if you wear it are you just fooling yourself? Especially if you can't afford or want to part with your cash for the real deal.....? Does carrying a designer dud reveal more about the ideal image you'd like the world to believe of you or is it a bit of fashion fun?

A recent scientific study suggests that wearing fake designer goods leads to an increase in Unethical Behaviour! Read More.

There's no doubt that High Street fashion brands are influenced by Runway Designers each and every season - that's how trends are born and spread to the masses. So it's logically impossible to avoid imitation to some level and extent. 

But when you slap a (fake) brand on it, does it make the article (and potentially the wearer) look cheap and nasty?

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